How to: boost the display resolution on an Asus Eee PC


Resolutionproperties_2I haven’t tried this yet since I’ve just returned from CES, but Joel popped me a note on increasing the resolution of the Asus Eee PC. The native resolution of this sub-notebook is 800 x 480, the same as many first generation UMPCs. If you’re running XP on the Eee, Asus provides a software utility that easily switches you to 800 x 600 on the 7-inch display, but you’ll be panning, i.e.: you won’t see that resolution on the full screen.Joel tells me that Eee User has a solution to gain a higher full-screen resolution on the 800 x 480 panel. This approach looks very similar to what I’ve used on the Samsung Q1 series: it’s a combination driver & software method to simulate display resolutions higher than native. You’ll need to have Windows XP on your Eee, which I still do since I needed XP for the CES. Once I catch my breath, I’ll give this a try to see how 1024 x 600 looks. If you can’t wait for my results and you have XP on your Eee, check the Eee User forum for more info and results. You can also catch a YouTube video that’s demonstrating higher resolutions on the Eee. Thanks a ton Joel; this might help me be a little more productive with Eeegor!



Well, some folks in the EeeUser forums seem pretty happy with it. I think it’s not really up to snuff for day to day use, but if you want to play Age of Empires, this is your tweak.

You can also install this driver and:
1. Use the default 800 x 480 resolution most of the time and go to a higher resolution when you need it.
2. Play with the settings so that instead of virtually displaying 1024 x 768 on your screen, your screen continues to show just 800 x 480, but moving your cursor to the edge of the screen makes it scroll up, down, left or right to display 1024 x 768.

Of course the other problem is that your display might not work when you resume from sleep mode. But I suspect a fix for this will be found soon.

Mike Cane

Whew. I’m sort of glad it doesn’t work real well. That’s all I’d need — Fiend Kevin with one more thing to lord over me! That oppressor!

Kevin C. Tofel

Bummer… I really wanted my 1024 x 600, Brad! :( I still plan to play with it… plus I’ll be crossing my fingers for a driver update that supports 1024 x 600. Thanks!


Unfortunately 1024 x 600 isn’t an option. The current driver only supports 4:3 resolutions which is one of the reasons it’s nearly impossible to make fonts readable. Or rather, you can read them, but they kinda hurt your eyes.

I spent a few hours playing with this last night and while it’s impressive, I ultimately decided to go back to the standard Asus drivers because I was getting a headache trying to read web pages at non-standard resolutions.

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