How to: boost the display resolution on an Asus Eee PC

Resolutionproperties_2I haven’t tried this yet since I’ve just returned from CES, but Joel popped me a note on increasing the resolution of the Asus Eee PC. The native resolution of this sub-notebook is 800 x 480, the same as many first generation UMPCs. If you’re running XP on the Eee, Asus provides a software utility that easily switches you to 800 x 600 on the 7-inch display, but you’ll be panning, i.e.: you won’t see that resolution on the full screen.Joel tells me that Eee User has a solution to gain a higher full-screen resolution on the 800 x 480 panel. This approach looks very similar to what I’ve used on the Samsung Q1 series: it’s a combination driver & software method to simulate display resolutions higher than native. You’ll need to have Windows XP on your Eee, which I still do since I needed XP for the CES. Once I catch my breath, I’ll give this a try to see how 1024 x 600 looks. If you can’t wait for my results and you have XP on your Eee, check the Eee User forum for more info and results. You can also catch a YouTube video that’s demonstrating higher resolutions on the Eee. Thanks a ton Joel; this might help me be a little more productive with Eeegor!


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