WeGame Gets We Gamers Excited


wegame-sl-machinima.jpgThey’re calling WeGame a “YouTube for Gamers” but it’s actually a lot more than that — think YouTube meets Fraps, the powerful but resource-hogging video capture software gamers use to record and share their favorite gameplay action, or create machinima. The WeGame application handles both the capture and the upload process, and categorizes your video into a couple dozens channels based on game franchise (Guitar Hero, Team Fortress 2, etc.).

Before I go any further, however, some full disclosures: WeGame is funded by True Ventures, which also backs this site, and is the brainchild of teen wunderkind Jared Kim, who also happens to be the little brother of Om’s lovely co-host Joyce from the GigaOM show. All that to one side, however, WeGame does seem to be generating genuine buzz among game/online world bloggers that I trust.

Influential UK game blogger (and former Quake champion) Alice Taylor is piqued, Second Life machinima expert Moo Money digs it, and popular Linden Lab staffer Torley Wong has posted a Valentine to WeGame in his own inimitable way. Good enough for me.

Fraps is probably going to remain the standard for super-hardcore gamers who want the best quality footage, but WeGame fills a serious need for everyone else. “The appeal we’re mostly banking on is ease of use and the fact that our video files compress as they’re recorded,” WeGame’s Jeff Gorndt told me, “so no one ends up with gigabytes of footage by accident.” And as someone who regularly tries to find good Second Life machinima in YouTube’s spam- and porn-encrusted thicket (like this gem I almost missed), WeGame could become a great alternative.

Image credit: “Suzanne Vega in Second Life” machinima on WeGame.com


kara Jones

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Kara Jones

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sad panda

Re: WeGame

…what does that “For Windows Only” writing mean?

Om Malik

Amen to that :-)

All that is gone for now, though each day is a challenege and one works hard on winning one battle at a time.


Om-I’m sure others have brought this up (can’t wade through 1k of comments to find out), but if you can get healthy, anyone can. Stogies, Scotch and caffeine are a lot to give up, but the alternative is too frightening to even think about. Come back slow and strong and you’ll be an inspiration to geeks everywhere.

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