Live from Vegas Airport.  Not what multi-tasking means.


Trevor Nelson

That’s us – users of multiple mobile PC’s living vicariously through jkOTR.

While JK and KT go smaller and lighter we add machines – current count here is 2 laptops, Treo 680, Palm T3, and Blackberry 8830.


Thanks Guys. I thought I was the only one who traveled with a work laptop and a personal tablet pc.

My tablet pc is always at my side and work won’t let me put it on their network. Hence, the 2 computer travel.

Andrew Forde

Yep, I’m in the same boat. Company supplied laptop because I’m not allowed to put my own P1610 on to their network.

Actually the trip I made this week had me taking three laptops – work, P1610 and my new MacBook. Talk about overkill! :)

Trevor Nelson

Too funny, since that’s what I was doing when I saw it – sitting in my conference room in front of MY 2 laptops.
Like Doc I need to use my personal one because the company one doesn’t have nearly the tools mine does. Our IT guy told me yesterday – “most people go for dual monitors, you go for dual laptops.” :)


I hate to admit it, but I do that all the time when traveling ;-(

My company will not get me a tablet… and they won’t let me put my tablet on the network through VPN. Thus I travel them and use both while traveling.

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