Jawbone’s free headset promotion a success at CES


JawboneOne of the coolest and most successful promotions I have seen was conducted by the folks who produce the Jawbone Bluetooth headset.  The Jawbone uses advanced noise cancellation technology and is a well regarded headset although they were too pricey for me the last time I checked into them.  The promotion they were running all week at CES was simple yet effective, anyone who came to their booth and traded in their existing headset got a brand new fully charged Jawbone headset for free.  This was very popular as you might guess and yesterday I dropped in and traded my old headset in for the Jawbone.  It was indeed fully charged which was important as those wearing a headset likely needed to keep doing so before getting to a charging location.  I have only used it for less than a day but I have to say I am very impressed with the quality of the noise cancellation.  For a test I called Kevin on the Jawbone from a tremendously noisy location (I picked it on purpose) and he said he couldn’t tell I was on a headset as the audio was crystal clear.  It is a nice headset although a bit bulky and ugly but hey, free is a good price.  :)



Not sure if I had the lemon of the bunch, but I did run out and get one of these when they first came out. I along with several others gave this headset a few days try (with a number of different phones/carriers), yes it was noise canceling, but callers constantly complained that they couldn’t hear me all that well. I didn’t go back for a second try. Would love to hear that I had the lemon…might give the JB another try.


I too use the Jawbone and LOVE it. By far the best bluetooth headset I’ve tried (out of probably 5 or 6 models).


I noticed in yours and Keven’s video post that you were wearing it then.

Philip Ferris

Awww man, as if I needed more reasons to visit CES.

I have long coveted the Jawbone but haven’t been able to step up to the price, especially given the UK premium. (Still I am counting my blessings. given this tablet).

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