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MoCap Captures the Funny

I’ve never made a video game, but the reality can’t be as much fun as the new online comedy series MoCap, LLC makes it out to be. While MoCap won’t win any acting awards, its cheeky geek humor will definitely entertain, and its refreshing to see production company, Worldwide Biggies, make an actual sit-com and break from the “person, camera, news” format so many other new media studios are doing.

MoCap‘s premise is around a fake (and bumbling) production company that does motion capture (“mocap”) work for video games, which means that one of the main characters spends most of his time dressed in a tight lycra suit with little balls on it. The situations are appropriately silly and at time actually quite clever as they do mocap for games like Grand Theft Auto, Madden Football and “adult” games.

The series uses that quasi-documentary look and feel (a la The Office) which has become cliche at this point. And the episodes are less a “story” than a series of situations sewn together. But the situations are humorous. The Grand Theft Auto 4 episode in particular has some funny bits between the “ghost-ridin'” and asking to be “curbed” all in the name of the gritty realism that GTA 4 requires.

The creator of “Mocap, LLC” is Chris DeLuca, who has written for old teevee shows like The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Best Week Ever, and Saturday Night Live‘s “Weekend Update.” DeLuca, along with two other striking WGA writers recently signed a deal with Worldwide Biggies to create a new sketch comedy series called The Void that will premiere at the end of January. (Let’s hope their spelling gets a little better for that series. Here’s a screen cap from the header of MoCap LLC’s site:)


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