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jkOnTheRun video- how we have live blogged the CES 2008

One of the newest things we’ve tried in covering the CES 2008 in Las Vegas this year has been live blogging by posting photos of the most interesting gadgets we’ve encountered directly from the exhibitor’s booth.  This has worked extremely well and has blown away everyone who has seen us do this on the show floor.  We literally post to the site within 10 seconds of snapping a photo in the booth and so many people have been asking how we’ve done this that I’ve recorded an 8 minute video showing exactly how this has been done.  Enjoy the video!

16 Responses to “jkOnTheRun video- how we have live blogged the CES 2008”

  1. I’ll be doing the same at Macworld:

    – Take picture with my Nokia N95
    – E-mail picture to my Flickr via HSDPA with description in subject
    – This will trigger an entry on my WordPress blog with Flickr
    – This will trigger an entry on my Twitter with Twittergram

  2. >>>I love you too, Mike.

    What he means is: I’m glad I’ve made you stew in your juices over the neat stuff I have and the unusual and interesting and exciting ways I use it, you poor tech-less peon.

    Sort of like when Judas kissed Jesus.


  3. I have had similar responses when I have been places and taken a photo, added text and emailed it direct to my blog.

    I am looking at the possibility of recording a short piece and attaching that to a post in a future post; maybe that would be a solution to Mark de Jeu’s comments earlier.

    Also I would be interested in how a phone like the N95 handled at an event like CES, maybe next year Matt might be able to make it-then again there’s an awful lot of phones between now and next year – LOL.

  4. Now I have real questions:

    1) So you were using an AT&T SIM for the HSwhatever?

    2) Never used WiFi?

    3) Yeah, well, you have TypePad. AFAIK, there’s nothing (yet) like that for WordPress (the free service, not the DIY software).

  5. Have I told you that I Hate You?

    Um, OK, did I say it RIGHT NOW?


    Really, aside from that HTC you have on long-term loan, HTC should send you ANOTHER — which you can Long-Term Loan to me.


  6. Hi James,

    Great posts from CES. I was just wondering — do you consider the Advantage to be an MID?

    I’m writing about MIDs for my weekly mobile column at CMP’s “Internet Evolution” and I mention the Advantage as one of the new types of mobile devices.

  7. Mark de Jeu

    Very nice.

    Adding a short paragraph to give context and your quick thoughts about a picture in the picture would have made this even more valuable.

    What you think about what you see and touch is important information for me as I try to understand and evaluate in-proxy.

    Maybe instant video blogging at CES 2009? (It’s never enough, is it?)

  8. Hi James,
    do you carry your Advantage in you pocket together with the keyboard and the leather case?

    This would be way to big for my pockets.
    I already tried carrying the device only in the pockets of my jeans, but I always fear of the screen getting damaged because of too much pressure on the device.

    I’m still searching for a secure (and still fast to access) way to carry it.

  9. I have been very puped about the coverage. Its been great. Thanks guys. And I think the idea of taking one lucky reader along next year to help carry your stuff around the show is AN EXCELLENT idea!!

    I have noticed that we have not heard about any evening activities. I think that may be where the “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” is coming into play. I mean live blogging from “THe Gold Rush” would be nice.

  10. v. interesting James
    awesome to have such live blogging.
    the only issue I think, which you mentionned, is that some of the photos are a little blurry.

    This presumably stems from the fact many of the locations are low light, so taking clear photos will be difficult on what is essentially a mobile phone camera.

    we appreciate being there with you via the web!