David Caruso Starts New Media Lexicon


David Caruso, star of CSI: Miami, was spotted wandering around the CES floor this week. With the writers’ strike in full effect, Caruso undoubtedly has some time on his hands, but he’s not just taking in the sights — he’s involved with a new startup called Lexicon Digital Communications. There aren’t many details on the company available, but we do know that Lexicon’s co-founder is Nils Lahr, who also co-founded iBeam and was a key player in Microsoft’s Windows Media Group, an association that has Network World believing Lexicon is some kind of IPTV distribution company.


Lexicon’s site is sparse, although it does feature an inexplicable music video of Caruso and two other guys walking through the desert, flying in a private jet and riding on escalators — all with solemn looks on their faces. The only other bits of info on the site are photos from the video, a contact email and a mention of Microsoft’s Silverlight, which Lahr tells Network World he’s “fond of.”

I’m not sure what Caruso brings to the table other than star power, but in his character Horatio Caine’s lexicon — “This old TV dog… (puts on sunglasses) is learning a new trick.” (YEEEEAH!!!) And since I absolutely can’t resist, here’s a clip of Caruso’s best one liners from CSI: Miami.


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I LOVE HORATIO CAINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Still the video stays the same – a cheap MTV video clip. Couldn’t they have come up with something better?


Caruso music video? The internet….just got internuts (YEAHHHHH!!)

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