Bill Gates retirement video

Video: Bill Gates Last Day CES Clip

Due to my flight delays, I missed the CES Keynote featuring Bill Gates on Sunday. I’ve just now got a chance to catch the coverage and although this is all over the web, I thought to share this spoof on the off-chance you haven’t seen it. This was shown as part of the keynote and is absolutely hysterical!



This is hilarious. I think Steve Jobs would rather commit seppuku than laugh at himself like this.

Philip Ferris

Weird I only get some faint music and visuals, the voices only come through as tinny squeaks.

Glad you reminded me about it though. I’ll nip off and see if it’s clearer in another version or if it’s my setup.

Mike Cane

So, now we know who will do ANYTHING for money.

NBC News: no credibility.

Obama & Hillary & Gore: As President? Of a PTA, maybe.

Geez, did he even know that was “Green Acres,” or did someone have to explain it. And did they mention Arnold the pig?

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