A Mean Clean For A Glossy Screen


iClean I have a two-year-old grandson who loves to touch my MacBook screen. And he is NOT into washing his hands (okay with me, he’s my grandson, he can do anything).

So I had to find a non-abrasive but effective way to clean my screen. The best product I’ve found — and believe me, I’ve tried everything — is a microfiber lens cloth made of ultra suede.

The Process

First, I use a monitor wipe.
Then polish the surface gently with the microfiber cloth. You may have to use a little bit of elbow grease if someone (not you of course) has touched the screen with sticky fingers.

The ultra suede microfiber leaves no streaks,no smoky residue, no muss, no dust, no gooey fingerprints. And it shines like the first day you took your MacBook or iMac or MacBook Pro out of the box. Good for cleaning matt or glossy LCDs or glass monitors, too, like the new iMac.

Microfiber ultra suede lens cloths are small, about 5 x 7, inexpensive and durable. Mine looks like a thin version of ultra suede but is tacky to the touch and is bunch-up-able for easy transport. I’ve had mine almost a year and I use it to clean my MacBook, iPhone, my iPods and my iMac screen.

The one I have has no sewn edges. Sewn edges can scratch a surface. It’s cut with pinking shears so the cloth will not ravel.

Where to purchase

Staples sells its own brand of Monitor Wipes and I am sure you can buy them at Office Depot or Office Max. Make sure you buy Monitor Wipes and not All-Purpose Wipes. A container of 80 wipes sells for about $10.

Don’t get a microfiber cloth sold in auto shops. They’re for cars.

The one I use came with a travel cleaning kit from iClean by Monster that I purchased at CompUSA. 3M also manufactures microfiber ultra suede cloths and you can buy them for $2.99 at Drugstore.com.



I’m inclined to think the Dirk Marple and Roscoe are fakes as they are dishing out a bunch of BS. NEVER, I repeat never used any paper product on any optical grade surface that you care about preserving. And most commercial glass cleaners contain ammonia, which is also a big no-no. And using water straight from the tape is full of minerals which can leave spots. Nuf said.


Water and Microfiber is all I use. I avoid the solutions that are 99% water or that use harsh or toxic solvents.

Paul C

It’s a coated piece of glass, in many cases. And the ammonia in most household glass cleaners is a harsh chemical to be using on it.


The cloth I just got with my glossy iMac has no sewn edge and works fine, but leaves me to wonder if it just spreads it all over the screen so that it becomes invisible or if it really takes the fingerprints off. . . .


Soft paper towel, Non streaking glass cleaner….thats pretty much all I need. Works great


I use LensCrafter glasses cleaner.

They included it with my Oakleys for some reason (regular cleaner will damage Oakleys)


I also swear by OmniCleanz – not only does it clean, it removes scuff marks as well.

Sue Anderson

Just make sure the cloth does not have sewn edges. The new iMacs and MacBooks, maybe not the very latest, but within the last month have all come with cloths, like mine did, but the edges are sewn. They can scratch the screen. And I am also grateful for the anti-static foam cleaner tip.


Thanks for the recommendations everyone and thanks for this post…i needed something to clean it with but ive been delaying because i didnt want to scratch the screen

Josh Walker

The newer Macs (iMac, MacBook) include the cloth you’ve described.


Monster’s iClean is okay, but not the best there is.. Get a can of Screen or from Fellowes.. It’s Anti-Static Foam cleaner, best stuff on the world.. It does not only clean your screen (any screen) very well, it can clean all electronic devices, mobile phones, stuff inside your computer, etcetera.. It’s non-water based so it can’t hurt your electronics.. A can costs around 6 bucks and lasts a life-time.. Monster is expensive stuff..

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