A Mean Clean For A Glossy Screen

iClean I have a two-year-old grandson who loves to touch my MacBook screen. And he is NOT into washing his hands (okay with me, he’s my grandson, he can do anything).

So I had to find a non-abrasive but effective way to clean my screen. The best product I’ve found — and believe me, I’ve tried everything — is a microfiber lens cloth made of ultra suede.

The Process

First, I use a monitor wipe.
Then polish the surface gently with the microfiber cloth. You may have to use a little bit of elbow grease if someone (not you of course) has touched the screen with sticky fingers.

The ultra suede microfiber leaves no streaks,no smoky residue, no muss, no dust, no gooey fingerprints. And it shines like the first day you took your MacBook or iMac or MacBook Pro out of the box. Good for cleaning matt or glossy LCDs or glass monitors, too, like the new iMac.

Microfiber ultra suede lens cloths are small, about 5 x 7, inexpensive and durable. Mine looks like a thin version of ultra suede but is tacky to the touch and is bunch-up-able for easy transport. I’ve had mine almost a year and I use it to clean my MacBook, iPhone, my iPods and my iMac screen.

The one I have has no sewn edges. Sewn edges can scratch a surface. It’s cut with pinking shears so the cloth will not ravel.

Where to purchase

Staples sells its own brand of Monitor Wipes and I am sure you can buy them at Office Depot or Office Max. Make sure you buy Monitor Wipes and not All-Purpose Wipes. A container of 80 wipes sells for about $10.

Don’t get a microfiber cloth sold in auto shops. They’re for cars.

The one I use came with a travel cleaning kit from iClean by Monster that I purchased at CompUSA. 3M also manufactures microfiber ultra suede cloths and you can buy them for $2.99 at Drugstore.com.


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