Lights, Camera, Action: MySpace Debuts Celeb Channel

MySpace has often touted its promotional value to celebrities. It now has a specific channel that collects much of its star power in one place: MySpace Celebrity, billed as an entertainment hub, which houses official profiles and blogs connected to some 300 musicians, athletes, comedians and socialites. MySpace’s 110 million users can use the portal to view profiles of stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Paris Hilton, Tom Hanks, Zach Braff, Jamie Foxx, Britney Spears and others. The site also has exclusive reports, Q&As, blogs, photo pages, blogs and videos featuring the likes of Ellen Page, from the film Juno, and The Office’s Jenna Fischer, as well as Kim Kardashian and Matthew McConaughey. More after the jump.

Apart from the stars, MySpace Celebrity has a content deal with Time Inc.’s, which will provide breaking news, and Getty Images (NYSE: GYI), which is supplying a steady stream of daily photos. Financial details weren’t disclosed. Release

USAT: The benefits for both MySpace and the participating stars are fairly clear: the Fox Interactive social net hopes that fans craving more celeb-related content will help boost pageviews and in turn, its ad revenue. Secondly, Fox gets a ready marketing platform for Fox’s TV shows and films. Meanwhile, the stars get a more controlled environment to directly showcase their images and work, away from the tabloids and gossip sites like and Perez Hilton. Hollywood publicist Howard Bragman, Fifteen Minutes: “If you don’t grab this real estate, someone else will be talking for you. A hit network show gets maybe 20 million viewers. MySpace is a much bigger audience.”