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For those of you who have far too many sites to log into and far too short of a memory to remember them all, this program will save your life. 1Password is a simple, elegant system that incorporates itself into most browsers and like Keychain, will save and place your information accordingly.

?Browser Compatibility

For a full list of browser compatibility check out their site. Having Safari and Firefox covered, I was already set. Each browser will offer a similar button as shown above. Once you save a form or identity on a browser, it gets transferred to the other ones.


What It Offers

1Password may be similar to Keychain but ultimately provides for a much more versatile user experience. You can store multiple identities, false or real, multiple registration forms, and billing information for quick check outs. 1Password automatically synchronizes with Keychain and can sync with .Mac for access from multiple computers. Transferring information can be safe and easy by simply copying or backing up your Keychain folder.

If you’re like me and use variations of similar passwords, 1Password offers a quick solution to create passwords for you. It will prompt with you with a slider of choices and will create a unique password, at your set length.


Like the good Samaritans you are, you question safety. Since 1Password is directly integrated with Keychain, OS X is already set to keep your information safe. 1Password requires a master password to log in. Also it will timeout after a specified time. In the 1Password manager you can edit accounts, add notes, or track history.

Like most good things in the world, 1Password comes with at a cost, $29.95. A bargain considering its abilities. If you’re still skeptical try it out for free and comment your experiences.



I thought I read somewhere that 1Password did not allow you to enter new data from the iPhone, only your Mac. Is this true?
I’m migrating from PC to Mac. I currently use CodeWallet Pro and like the way I can enter data from my device, not just the PC.
Is 1Password limiting in this way? If so, anyone familiar with SplashID and know if it is similarly limited?


I had Roboform on my PC and I miss it! 1Password can’t hold a candle to Roboform!

I had trouble with 1Password set up, emailed support asking for a 5 minute help session via phone as I am new to Macs and was not totally up on some of the lingo and terms they used in their instructions and tutorials.

I was told they would not help me via phone and I should send a email with my problems to them.

Well…pardon me. I am not going to waste my time typing after spending $39.95 for a program.

I would not recommend this program as, in my opinion, the developer does a very poor job explaining the installation, set up and use of this product and offers little to no support.

Very disappointed!


1password is an absolute time saver program. got it in the macheist bundle and it is great.

the only bad thing i have to say is the odd behavior it sometimes gives when you are signing up for a new site and have 1password save it at that point, it sometimes saves all your signup info and then the next time you go to login there it goofs because it tries to give the login page all that other info and fails. when that happens you have to modify the info in 1password to work correctly.

other than that i love the program.


I prefer Keepass OSX: http://www.keepassx.org/ . Free, Open Source, and cross-platform.

I’ve used KeepassX myself – but it doesn’t have the level of integration that 1Password provides – and as a cross-platform development, I doubt it will ever have such a level of platform-specific program integration.

Now I don’t use 1Password beyond filling in forms on webpages for me – overall password storage I handle with a different solution. KeepassX is in general, a good solution for that, and as a whole, it is a surprisingly good port – you don’t see as many good OSX ports as you used to.

john donne

excellent app. i’ve been using it since it came out and its gone from strength to strength with fast updates of useful features.


I just started using 1password and love it. It replaced a password program I had for a couple years.
If you guys want a great deal on 1password go to macheist. It is included in a bundle of 11+ pieces of software including iStopMotion, Speed Download, CSS edit, Snapz Pro X and Pixelmator all for $49 for the bundle.


A must have! I first tried the demo for a while, then I bought it, now I cannot live without it!!


Exceptional piece of software, I use it extensively everyday. Their limited-beta-only My1Password online service will make this even better. To summarize it in a sentence, it uploads encrypted data to their server that you can then access from other machines.


For the next two weeks, you can spend an extra $20 and get 1Password and nine other Mac shareware apps from macheist.

Mark Evans

When I used Windows, I loved RoboForm but was disappointed that there wasn’t a verison for Mac when I switched over. As a result, I was happy to find 1Password, which has many of the same features, although there are some things within Roboform that I miss such as the ability to easily edit passwords and the option to password-protect each item as opposed to using a master password.

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