Xobni Beta Invites


Xobni, the San Francisco-based email management startup that Om deemed his pick for coolest company at TechCrunch 40, is opening up to several thousand additional beta users today. Xobni’s Insight is an adjunct application for Microsoft Outlook that scans through the entire email database, establishes relationships among the people you email, and ranks them according to frequencies and relevance. If you’d like to give it a try, sign up for the beta invite here.



Just found you via Google, surprised you’ve not had it already but any chance you’ve got a spare invite to splash around? I’d be massively grateful

Taylor Host

This product is fantastic – I’ve been using it for about a day and have found it to be a real time-saver. I sent my 5 invites to my sales staff and a friend. The contact management features are a real enhancement to the way Bus. Dev. people currently handle contacts and leads.

Bravo to this product – I can’t wait to see what features they will add. Bonus points on the Analytics tools.


Aren’t there a few toolbars that already do this, including the ones from Plaxo, LinkedIn and ClearContext.com? What’s different?


I found the answer.

Do you support Lotus Notes, Eudora, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird or any other email clients besides Outlook?
Not at this time. Our initial efforts have gone into creating a great add-on for Outlook, but other desktop and web clients will follow.

Jason Schellenberg

I have been using Xobni for about a month on Vista with Outlook 2007, and it’s worked slick – no issues/crashes or noticeable slowdown. I like it – great tool for re-visualizing your data in a different way.

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