Use Gmail Mobile With Google Apps For Your Domain


Google Apps for Your Domain offers many of Google’s core applications to be accessed through your own custom domain, a boon for productivity.

Gmail’s mobile application is amazing, but Google Apps subscribers could be left out because you are required to login with [username], not

Read on for one easy way to get your Google Apps account to work with the mobile utility.

The Steps

  • Sign up for a regular Gmail account.
  • Login into your Google Apps e-mail.
  • Go to Settings – Forwarding and POP/IMAP
  • Under “Forwarding” choose:
    • Forward Copy
    • Fill in your new Gmail account
    • Then select “keep [domain]’s copy in the inbox”
    • Save changes
  • Login into Gmail
  • Go to Settings – Accounts
    • Under “Send mail as…” click “Add another email address”
    • Enter the name you want, and enter your Google Apps e-mail
    • Go to the next step, and verify your e-mail
  • You can then download the Gmail app on your Java-enabled phone and use it

Now whenever you’re on the road you get a copy of the e-mail on your mobile that you can respond to with your Google Apps account, and when you go back to your Google Apps account you’ll have those e-mails, including the complete conversation, saved!

Update: Steve pointed out in the comments that Google has made their Gmail mobile application available for Google Apps. Just point your phone to and download it. Thanks Steven!



ps; the mobile app at is NOT only for blackberries: i’m using it on my way more simple Nokia 3110 Classic.

If you are not sure wether or not it will work on your mobile phone, just try downloading and installing. If your phone is not compatible the installation will fail without messing up your phone (as far as i know and have heard..)

Cheers again :-)


hi :)

The info is not quite complete.
Even for Gmail Apps you can use your mobile webbrowser by logging on to

Also the small but very nice Gmail-mobile app functions like a charm with your gmail-apps account.
Just point your mobile browser to to download and install and enjoy.
I’m using it quite often and it is really nice (and easier compared to the webinterface as mentioned above).

More info at

Cheers, HBE


The latest version of the java app supports Google Apps. I’m actually using it that way. So there’s no need for workarounds.


If you have a blackberry you get access to a special version of the gmail app just for custom domains. Therefore, you can have a gmail app for and a special gmail app for your email address…blackberry only.


Yes but now you don’t have the advantages of a Google Apps Premium mailbox (if you use it), for Google Apps standard it shouldn’t matter.

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