The Daily Sprout

Canada to Get Tidal Power: A $12 million project is looking to install three tidal turbines in the Bay of Fundy, famous for its huge tides. This would be the first tidal power in North America –

ADM, Bayer, Daimler Explore Jatropha Biodiesel: In a joint effort, the agricultural giant, the herbicide and pesticide brewer, and the automaker will explore the potential of growing the succulent jatropha for biodiesel feedstock – Green Car Congress.

Philips Debuts HD Eco TV: The 42-inch LCD uses an array of sensors and smart features to curb power consumption, allowing the TV to function on a mere 75 watts – CNet.

Sol3g Announces Plant: Solar system maker Sol3g announced a new 8,611 square foot production plant in Terrassa, Spain. – Gunther Portfolio.

GE Invests $350M in Texas Wind: The project will provide 166 MW of peak capacity to Austin, Tex., scheduled for completion by December – General Electric.


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