NoahPad UMPC input methods on video


I promised myself I was going to hit the sack early, but as James is learning this week, I can’t stop reading feeds. Good for you that I have such a bad mobile habit because I picked up on this video that demonstrates the input methods on the new NoahPad UMPC. I was trying to explain how it worked, but being dead tired, I didn’t do a good job. Well… that and it’s just doggone hard to explain. Maybe this will help you better understand this interesting approach of using two giant buttons that also have touch sensitivity. Make sure you watch the video to the end… you’ll find a new use for those extra hangers in your closet.


Tim Brown

one of the points is the ability on a small screen device to have a high resolution screen with only the relevant content to you being viewed through the viewing area… rather than just reducing resolution to meet small screen real estate… very innovative.


Has anyone actually given a point to all of this? Is there some significant advantage to this form of input over a “normal” keyboard with real keys? Is the device smaller while being more “input” functional? Is there more room inside the case?

What’s the point?


Ok i watched your video. It’ s very interesting.
I’m waiting to read the first review about it.
Because not sure we can to get it a day in France : (.


It’s amazing typing method. I think need a few hours to use it fully.
The skin of the NoahPad feel like cheap , ins’t it ?

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