Primary Game: Candidates as Consoles


Consoles and candidatesAs pundits ponder the resurgence of Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, here’s a handy high-tech guide to the three Democratic frontrunners. Because as it happens, they’re best understood in relation to the top three video game consoles:

Barack Obama is the Nintendo Wii: The multi-racial candidate who was first dismissed by Washington insiders for not having enough power or third-party backers — but has gone on to draw immense popularity, not just from hardcore party faithful, but from the young and old, independents and Republicans alike. Instantly appealing like the Wii, Obama is popular not because of his library of policies, but because he is changing the way the game is played.

Hillary Clinton is the Microsoft Xbox 360: Backed by the most money, seen as a reliable and established brand, Hillary appeals most to the Democractic base, much the same way the 360 is most popular with hardcore gamers. Transitioning from her husband’s Xbox era, she offers not revolutionary change but steady, reliable content.

John Edwards is the Playstation 3: Formerly the Democratic frontrunner of the previous generation, Edwards now offers a greatly enhanced library of positions with far more ideological power — which few except Edwards’ die-hard fanboys seem to be buying.

Unsurprisingly, the candidates are now polling about the same as their next-gen analogs are currently selling, with the Wii capturing 44 percent of the vote, the 360 pulling in 36 percent, and the PS3 trailing far behind with 20 percent.



These are some great comparisons. The Wii is my favorite gaming console and Obama is my candidate of choice. Nice.


I belive you will make a change in my life and for others peple in this country. GOD BLESS!!!! Oh i’m broke as a joke Sp, don’t ask for no money.

Tyese Kellam

I believe that obama can make a change in every ones life. He will be a postive canidate to every one he meets in a life time. I wish I could meet him one day I will give him a speech from my postive side of me I will always be on my best


Wow, this is horrible. It is like trying to introduce educational tv to the 80’s. If anything, all the candidates are like the 360: they all are overrated and overpriced/overfunded, but no one cares as long as everyone can play together (or, in this case, it is a CTF red vs blue style, and the ps3 is independent)….

Could just be my feelings on it. Then again, the xbox is the least compatible with anything else, and is the least revolutionary, so again, it is safe to say that if the xbox is Dems/Repub, independent runners are definitely the ps3: I mean, the dems/repubs even run the same kinds of anti-campaigns (pc/mac…where is unix?)

Guess that got a bit off-topic, but it is closer than some I have seen.

Mad Skillz

Wow … awesome post. I actually posted this on Jan. 5th – and it would be nice if you actually gave me credit for it …

If the White House candidates were video game consoles …

I would say Hillary would be an Xbox 360 – she’s got experience on her side (Xbox), and she has some good quotes (It’s good to play together), but there’s some serious love-hate toward her.

Barack would be the Wii – he’s a new, fresh face on the scene – and a lot of young people love him. He’s pulling ahead of the old guard (Clinton, Edwards) but folks say he isn’t experienced enough and just for casual voters.

Huckabee would be a PC – he’s bringing integrity back and is old reliable. Folks may not embrace him, and he could care less – he knows when the 360 RRODs, or the PS3 gets dusty, he’s still tuned to

Guilani would be the PS2 – he’s got the brand name (9-11) and is used to being on top. However, he’s living on street cred from being mayor of NYC.

Ron Paul would be the PSP – he’s really getting picked on but still keeps trucking. He’s proving that change is awesome – and younger folks are embracing him as well.

Fred Thompson would be an Atari Flashback system – he’s been around the block, has some experience, but would be in the bargain bin faster than that Kim Kardashian porn boxset.

Mitt Romney would be a PS3 – he’s got the pomp but isn’t sure what he wants to be – a BR player or a game console.

John McCain would be a cell phone game – he’s on the go – was popular once but soon got tossed into a desk and forgotten.

Dennis Kuncinich would be the Atari Jaguar – good ideas, a cool game but poor execution.

Mike Gravel would be a Turbo Grafx 16 – you remember how cool he was – you go into your basement, find it and pull it out and play him a few times, and then just toss him back forever since you can download VC games on your Wii!!!!

Gore would be a Gameboy Advance – Yes, he is cool but no one would take him seriously in a console race.

John Edwards would be an iPod nano – Yeah, he can do it all, can play games, but who would play games for hours on an iPod?

Lastly, Bill Richardson would be a Gamecube – he’s the coolest video game system and cheapiest on the block, had some success but really, no one cares about.

Source: on Jan. 5th.


before considering the Ron Paul the NES like Resist/Revoltsuggests, i was thinking about him beeing the (old) NDS.
..they have alot international support.
but they are presenting some interesting new ideas (or old ideas in new ways), but yet still playing in another league as a handheld/libertarian it seems. They are not basically against weapons, but still not ‘war simulating machines’ like one could claim about hillarys xbox or edwards PS3. And.. it seems not so hard to trick Ron Paul and/or the NDS by hacking? :P, which candidate would be the PSP?


I would think better on those comparisons, the PS3 showed with resistance 2 recent announcement (60 players online, high res graphs, 8 co-op players) a new edge in performance and power and gaining new hardcore players.


I guess that makes Mike Gravel the Sega Dreamcast: Old, cool, but widely ignored.

Rudy Giuliani is one of those plug-and-play TV games that only plays “9/11: Terrorist Fighter: The Legend of 9/11”

Uncle Squirrel of America

Hilary’s crocodile tears last week was the red ring of death.

Obama’s bringing everyone to play together– young, old, and even those people who used to think voting/playing is a waste of time.


Huh. I didn’t realize that the NES was racist, homophobic, and bizzarly paranoid.

Shows what I know.


it’s so amazing. I translated it to persian (farsi) in my weblog and linked the post to your site too.


Great post – forwarded this to my 12 yr old gamer who is studying the election in his Social Studies class….a great way to get a kid interested in actualities of current politics!


And there’s a reason why we aren’t all playing old-school Nintendo these days, Resist. Perhaps you can take the comment spamming elsewhere.


Liked the post and your comparisons.

We would like to be the first to say that Ron Paul is the old-school Nintendo. A classic gaming system. Ron Paul is about restoring the laws in America to the values and guidelines of the U.S. Constitution. He has a lot of backers.

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