Mapping the Biofuels Deathwatch, Go Fish Leaves Online Video


[qi:_earth2tech] With corn and soy prices hitting record-high prices and an ethanol glut flooding the market, ethanol’s profit margin per gallon has dropped and biofuel plants across the country are being put on hold faster than your company’s tech support line. For a succinct view, check out the map over on Check on Earth2Tech.

online video aggregator GoFish



Per usual, the hustlers, opportunists and just plain greedy bastards who infest industries like agri-business have done themselves proud. Fortunately, folks who rely more on science than 2Q graphs are moving ahead into cellulosic biofuels.

That will cut out the Kansas-Nebraska Lobby and ADM – to a certain extent. The politicians they have in their pockets will perform as required. But, a new marketplace has begun to develop and I think that will overcome much of what has to be bypassed.

Like, is anyone still worrying about AT&T as a long-term market force? Or Polaroid for that matter? Network TV?

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