Dress up your iGoogle

Tired of the same blah iGoogle look day after day? There’s a spiffy Google Gadget by Greg Bullock: Custom iGoogle Skins V.2. Besides the 50 or so custom themes submitted so far on topics ranging from Canada to the Mac OS X, you can set iGoogle Skins to your favorite Flickr group and be pleasantly surprised with each reload.

Here’s one of my dull and drab iGoogle tabs before:
standard iGoogle - boring!

And here’s the same tab after adding iGoogle Skins and choosing the “Feeling Lucky” skin:
an interesting fall look
and then a few minutes later when I reloaded the page:
that's a little more cheerful

iGoogle Skins is an inline (renders directly on your iGoogle page) gadget so don’t be surprised if you see the following message once you’ve added this gizmo:

Module requires inlining. Inline modules can alter other parts of the page, and could give its author access to information including your Google cookies and preference settings for other modules.

Loading dodgy gadgets into any part of your web worker cockpit is a bad idea, therefore it’s worth noting that Google made Greg (alias BonstioNet) an official “Google Guru” within the Google Gadgets API Google Group in Sept. 2007, based on this and 12 other gadgets he’s written.

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