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National Lampoon Acquires

Add it to the tab: Comedy media company National Lampoon has announced the acquisition of user-gen site The site, as the name would imply, has a collection of user-submitted media, mostly consisting of college students doing embarrassing things at parties (beer bongs seem to pop up a lot). Prior to the acquisition, CollegeHangover had been a member of the National Lampoon’s Drunk University Network of sites, which it acquired last May. The deal is part of National Lampoon’s broader strategy to grow its online audience via acquisition. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Release.

One Response to “National Lampoon Acquires”

  1. This post and the accompanying press release have to the funniest thing I've ever read on PaidContent. The following quote from the press release sounds like it was lifted directly from The Onion:

    “CollegeHangover has been a strong partner in our Drunk University Network, and we have enjoyed working with founder Chad Huntley*,” said National Lampoon Chief Executive Officer Daniel Laikin. “Its content has been very popular with National Lampoon’s college age fans, and we are excited to expand our relationship with the site.”

    *The only thing that could make this funnier would be a founder with the name Chuck Hurley.