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Citi Media: Tom Rogers, CEO, TiVo: Curing TV Business Model's Crisis

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A Simpson’s episode about the famous cartoon family using TiVo (NSDQ: TIVO) to skip commercials – with Homer declaring, “I spit on your corpse, ad-supported television” – served as an unusual introduction for Tom Rogers, TiVo’s CEO, for his presentation on the second day of Citigroup’s 18th Annual Global Entertainment, Media & Telecommunications Conference Phoenix, AZ. Rogers clearly does not share Homer’s sentiments when it comes to advertising. However, he did say that TV’s business model is in the midst of a crisis because of growing user-control. He offered his pitch for how TiVo can help marketers, networks and cable operators address these issues, all while improving the company’s own financial picture.

New consumption model: “We’ve introduced many new forms of advertising inventory which are all about to use an interface and remote control. That’s the basis on which viewers experience their television shows. It gets them to go in and seek out ads, when they’re not going to passively sit there and take them in. In order to provide a basis for advertisers to assess the performance of their ads in that new consumption model, we’ve created all kinds of measurements and accountability around it, similar to the kinds of measurements advertisers have grown accustomed to on the internet.” He referred to audience data tools such as TiVo