What to Watch While the Writers Strike


The new episodes of your favorite old teevee shows are running out (why can’t those writers and studios just hurry up and make nice?). Sure, there are some mid-season replacements to help ease the pain, but those won’t last long, and things are looking grim for the 2008 season. And although everyone keeps saying you should check out the cool web shows, maybe you don’t know where to begin. That’s where we come in, with this handy guide to finding your favorite new teevee shows.

Disclaimer: These web shows won’t have the same “production values” or “good acting” as those high-falutin’ traditional TV programs. But they’re better than Deal or No Deal.

If you miss the edgy animation of Family Guythen you must watch Channel Frederator, in particular The Meth Minute 39. The series delivers fantastic animated shorts; it’s just pure, wacked-out comedic bliss.

If you miss the broad relationship comedy of How I Met Your Motherthen try Life from the Inside, a sitcom about apartment dwellers trying to make it in the world.

If you miss the low-key humor of The Officeyou might enjoy either Break A Leg or Mr. Deity.

Think of Break A Leg as Arrested Development-lite. It has the same slightly absurdist humor mixed with deadpan delivery.

By all accounts, I should hate Mr. Deity. It stars a Michael MacDonald lookalike as God with a mullet and with its mining of obvious religious stories and traditions, it should have been hacky. But the humble delivery and clever writing saves it.If you miss the otherworldly chills n’ thrills of Supernaturalthen turn out the lights and prepare for the creepfest that is Buried Alive. The show features a cast of people all trapped in specially constructed coffins and it will freak…you…out. The only lame thing about it is it doesn’t have embedding.

If you miss the emotionally wrought, soapy drama of Grey’s Anatomyyou might want to watch quarterlife. I’ve dinged quarterlife before, and series creator Marshall Herskovitz probably won’t be inviting me over for dinner anytime soon — but the show is well-produced and has an actual story.

quarterlife – part 1

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Of course, if you’re jonesing for the old teevee you know and love, you can check out current and classic shows for free online, courtesy of Hulu and the network sites, or a bunch of other places that lift Hulu content.

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