Greener Gadgets Conference: Discount for Readers and Panel Details


greenergadgets.jpgIf CES’s green announcements are any indicator, 2008 is going to be a banner year for gadgets going greener. Or at the very least, a good year for discussing more sustainable consumer electronics; we’ll see how earth-friendly gizmo companies are if it means added costs.

But we’re all for a lively discussion, and on that note, we wanted to give you more details about a panel we are running on alternative energy for mobile devices, at the first-ever Greener Gadgets conference in New York on Feb. 1. It’s being put on by web site and Marc Alt + Partners. (Full disclosure: Jill Fehrenbacher, the conference organizer, is my helluv cool sister.)

So far the panel Earth2Tech will be moderating will include Christina Lampe-Onnerud, CEO of rechargeable lithium-ion battery maker Boston Power; Peng Lim, CEO of micro fuel cell company MTI;
Regan Warner-Rowe, head of business development for kinetic energy storage startup M2E Power; Arthur Huang, founder Hymini; and an as-yet unnamed executive from Solio/Better Energy Systems. Whew! That’s a big list.

As everyone knows, traditional consumer electronics are anything but green, and most of them suck electricity from the grid, releasing carbon into the atmosphere. But say more gadgets could power up via distributed, alternative methods, such as mini solar PV panels, eco-friendly fuel cells, captured and stored energy from our own movement — even small, handheld wind sources. Our panelists will explain the benefits, challenges and market opportunities of using alternative energy to fuel our gadgets.

If you want to check out the conference yourself, Earth2Tech and GigaOM readers can get a Greener Gadgets coupon that’s good for a 15 percent discount of the ticket price. Just type in “Earth2Tech15discount” into the coupon code to get the discount.

The last note on the conference is that the show will highlight a Greener Gadgets Design Competition, working with design group Core77. All you designers out there that have green gadgets on the brain, send in your submissions for designs that “seek to minimize the environmental impact of consumer electronic devices at any stage in the product lifecycle.” We hope to see you there.


Solar Gadgets

Great to see main stream manufacturers looking at green alternatives for sources to power gadgets.

Seems to be more and more solar powered devices hitting the market

Here’s to a greener future


Green energy is definitely the best solution in most cases. Technology like solar energy, wind power, fuel cells, zaps electric vehicles, EV hybrids, etc have come so far recently. Green energy even costs way less than oil and gas in many cases.

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