CES Day 3: Viacom, Panasonic, Comcast

Just when you though you’d read about all the tech news that could ever possibly come out of CES — they KEEP PULLIN’ YOU BACK IN!

Viacom is spreading itself all over the web, signing syndication deals with Dailymotion, Go Fish, iMeem, MeeVee and Veoh. Content from Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon and VH-1 will be available on the sites in the coming weeks. The move augments Viacom’s existing content partner list, which includes, AOL, Bebo, Fancast and Joost. Also as part of the move, Viacom has taken an equity stake in Go Fish.

People with Panasonic’s new VIERA HD TVs will be able to access YouTube videos directly from the television set. I wonder what those dog skateboarding videos would look like on Panasonic’s gargantuan 150-inch plasma TV set.

Liz told you all about Comcast’s Fancast beta launch yesterday. But as part of the company’s “Project Infinity” initiative, Comcast also plans to offer subscribers more than 1,000 HD choices this year (please note: that’s “choices” not “channels”) and will show off its wideband technology at the conference, which reportedly allows users to download a two-and-half hour movie in under four minutes.

After ticking off a ton of announcements yesterday, DivX announced that Sony Pictures content will be available for download in the DivX format.

Mitsubishi unveiled a laser TV that the company says has twice as much color; the set will also come equipped with a Real-D 3-D processor so you can enjoy 3D movies (glasses still required, a copy of Captain EO is not) at home.

XStream HD promises to pump 1080p content into the home, as long as you have the small outdoor satellite antenna, the media server and the media receiver.

As always, check back here for more updates.