Terry Semel Revving Up Windsor; Yahoos Buckley, Karish Joining Him

You’re reading it here first … The details are still a little sketchy but Drew Buckley, who headed Yahoo Originals, and Jeff Karish, head of media strategy, have left the company and are joining former Yahoo CEO Terry Semel in a revamped version of Windsor Media, the investment firm he started before leaving to head Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO). (Semel still is the chairman of Yahoo’s board of directors.) Buckley and Karish confirmed that they left Yahoo at the end of the year. That was as far as they are willing to go for now; in fact, the fact that they were joining Windsor was still supposed to be hush-hush. Also joining the group, we’ve confirmed: Jimmy Yaffe, managing partner of Endeavor Marketing Solutions.

Now for the parts we have yet to confirm: that Windsor is morphing from an investment firm into a media company that includes developing original content, investment and acquisition.