All You Can Eat Mobile Music Plans To Dominate; Total Mobile Music Revenues To Hit $17.6 Billion


Subscription-based mobile music rental services which offer unlimited music downloads will eclipse the market for paid-for original recordings, and will provide the majority of revenues from original music recordings, according to a new report from Juniper Research.

Juniper predicts that revenues from subscription based mobile music rental services will hit $3.3 billion by 2012 while revenues from original recordings delivered to mobile devices will reach $2.8 billion for a total of $6.1 billion. Total mobile music revenues (including ringtones) is expected to hit $17.6 billion. In comparison, a December report from market research firm Understanding & Solutions puts the total revenue at $11 billion by 2011. Usually offered through operators, the all you can eat services


Robert Feather

They bandy these figures about because Omnifone, for example, have already notched up 45 million units and is proving far more popular than owner systems. Try one and bring some joy into your life. The sound quality on Music Station is unbelievable.


This is total bullcrap. DRM is dead, and all of those Omnifone-type subscription services rely on DRM to keep their users stuck to the subscriptions. Maybe we'll move to an all you can eat DRM-free service, but the numbers Jupiter is bandying about beggar belief. Why does anyone take these idiots seriously?

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