Mobile Internet Devices getting Skype support

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Skypelogo I haven’t seen the Skype folks yet, but they did just tip me off with some good news. Skype will be working with Intel for full peer-to-peer voice support on Mobile Internet Devices:

"MID users will be able to make Skype voice and video calls and send instant messages on the move, while harnessing the PC-like performance of Intel’s new ultra-mobile platform. MID devices with WiMAX and WiFi capabilities will enable free Skype-to-Skype voice and video calls and cheap SkypeOut™ calls – calls from Skype to landline and mobile phone numbers anywhere in the world at low per-minute rates – to be made on open wireless networks."

Nokia showed the way prior with the Internet Tablets and we’re definitely seeing a ton of interest and momentum for MIDs at this show. Hopefully, the Skype booth with have demo and we can do a video MID to MID call!

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