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3 Cool Paper Planners for when Online Won't Do

I love my Google Calendar, but I also like the physical experience of planning my days, weeks, and months using a paper calendar or planner. Here are three possibilities for when you want to manage your life with pen and paper instead of using an online calendar.

Doodle while you plan

8 Days a Week Doodle PlannerWith a pack of multi-colored gel pens and this 8 Days-A-Week Doodle Planner available from See Jane Work, you’ll be all ready to doodle your plans and dreams each week as you plan out your days. “8 days a week” means it shows Monday through Sunday plus Someday, so you have room to write things you want to get done as you have a spare moment. The Doodle part of it means you get blank pages interspersed with the weekly schedules to draw pictures, do a mind map of your week, or take random notes.

Manage recurring events

If you have many recurring weekly or monthly appointments (a weekly team telecon, kids’ soccer practice each Tuesday and Thursday, monthly status reports), you might like the WeekDate calendar. It uses a layered design so you can write monthly or weekly appointments just once yet see them with each week’s schedule. It’s available in a portable planner version or a monthly wall calendar.

WeekDate planner

russell+hazel SmartDate daily adhesive notes

Make a daily sticky note

I love the SmartDate Daily Adhesive Notes from russell+hazel. For $12, you get three 50-sheet pads of Post-It style notes with hourly time slots for scheduling and room for a to do list at the bottom. Use these to make a daily plan from your digital calendar — stick it right where you can see exactly what you need to do each day.

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