Pluck on The Block; Sale Could Fetch Around $75 Million

Social media and syndication technology firm Pluck is on the block, we have learned. The company hopes to get around $75 million, though that sounds high judging its business from the outside. Potential buyers include the likes of AOL (NYSE: TWX), Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) and Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT), and we are told the company has received at least one offer in the range. The Austin, TX-based company has investment from Reuters (NSDQ: RTRSY), Mayfield and Austin Ventures, and has raised around $17 million in total VC funding since its 2003 inception. The company started as a consumer-facing RSS reader, but then moved to servicing publishers with various social media and syndication tools. It recently started powering social media tools on the redesigned, and on Monday it announced a similar makeover for Guardian’s website. The company did not return calls for comment on the sale, though they did e-mail the Guardian release.

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