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@ CES: Jerry Yang, CEO, Yahoo: Trying To Change The Tone

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DSC04507Sitting in the Las Vegas Hilton Theater while a tres casual Jerry Yang tries to set the tone for the “new” Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) at his first CES at CEO. Hard not to think of the last big Yahoo do I attended here — a full-blown Terry Semel production with Tom Cruise and Ellen DeGeneres. This is Yahoo-centric. Marco Boerries (sticking to his usually elegant suit) was on stage for the first half, explaining the myriad mobile announcements today. My colleague Carlo Longino is covering the mobile aspect over on The second half is devoted to showing off a desktop concept — Yang has stressed more than a few times that it’s just a concept. The idea is to show how a variety of Yahoo elements can be pulled together to make life easier — drag-and-drop a message with an address to Yahoo Maps and the map appears, plan a dinner including personalized Evites, etc.

It’s a different atmosphere but it’s also a continuation of some strategy that was announced at that earlier event: the three-screen — PC, mobile, TV — approach.

Yang: We possess so much of the basic tools and basic technologies that enable us to solve challenges.

— David Filo has just joined him and says this is much closer. You’re going to be hearing a lot more. Stay tuned, more about Yahoo platform in coming months, Excited about opening the network.

— Yang: Making the web simple is still the goal. Come to Yahoo as your starting point and you can get everything done. We’re ready to show you what Life! will be like with Yahoo.

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