A Third Of Japanese Will Type In A URL On Mobile: Report


A Japanese survey of 300 mobile phone users from the Cross Marketing monitor group has shown what percentage of people will use a particular method to access the mobile internet. When using a phone to get more information about an advertisement 41.7 percent said they would scan a QR Code and 34.7 percent said they would send a blank e-mail and access the URL in the reply, reports What Japan Thinks. Most interestingly, 33.3 percent responded that they would type in the URL directly to access the information. That suggests that the concern that people won’t enter URLs onto mobile phones is misplaced — as people get used to using the mobile internet they’ll be more happy to enter a URL…providing it’s of a sensible size, of course. 15.7 percent of respondents said they don’t access the mobile internet. The survey also showed that 58.3 percent of people use favorites/bookmarks and 44 percent access from the start page menu — which means that 56 percent of respondents said they never access the mobile internet from the carriers’s start page. Is this good news or bad news? I reckon it’s good news as it indicates that if carriers tear down their “walled gardens” almost half of their users will continue to access content from the start page, but a lot of people know exactly where they want to go, which is good news for independent creators.

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