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Will CES be spoiled by a rotten Apple?

IphonehomescreenbookmarkI’m boarding my plane for CES in a few short minutes, but can’t get one particular thought out of my mind. Last year, Apple completely deflated the CES balloon with the iPhone announcement at the same time as the show. Those in attendence at CES will likely attest: it was as if the Earth stopped spinning for a few minutes at CES and the show was definitely in the shadows as opposed to the forefront.

In 2008, MacWorld is a week after CES, but I still suspect a masterful PR move from Apple this week. Nope, I don’t expect any new hardware announcements as those will be reserved for next week. I said it before, but want to go on record now: I think Apple will provide a killer upgrade to the iPhone this week if at all possible. We’ve already seen a build of the iPhone firmware 1.1.3, but I wonder if we’ve seen all of the features in the final version. I could be way off base here, but that’s my guess… folks buzzing about new iPhone software with at least "one more thing" in it that we’re not yet aware of. Full support for Microsoft Exchange perhaps? Could we see some off-the-cuff comparsion to MIDs with Apple suggesting "hey, that’s nothing new… we’ve had a MID out for quite some time..." Thoughts?

6 Responses to “Will CES be spoiled by a rotten Apple?”

  1. Who, Apple? Apple go and steal the thunder from … a $1,400 UMPC from Samsung. Why, how could anyone *possibly* deflate an announcement such as THAT? It’s already flatter than a punctured tire.


  2. Putting my love-hate issues aside (love of my iPhone and my Hate of “big brother” closed source corporations)…

    I hope they open up the iPhone some so that hacking it doesn’t become a usurper of inordinate amounts of my time in the near future. (Yeah, I’ve seen all the directions, I just haven’t adopted that hobby yet. I keep hoping Apple will wake up and smell the coffee — and the advantages of a cooperative corporate stance.)

    Using Linux, I can’t use some of the “all in one” features that only play nice with big-boy MS and Apple operating systems.

    I’d love to be able to access my online calendar from the main menu — complete with a pretty icon — rather than going to safari, then favorites, then scrolling down, etc. I’m all for the single tap option.

    I’d like to be in control of what’s on my phone’s interface and be able to remove some of the buttons I never use, or at least bury them somewhere else.

    The iPhone is such a cool product, and it could be even better with a little “open source” philosophy…

    Now, if you are just looking for good “big-bad” rumors to start, I’ll bet that Apple is going to announce their plans to join forces with Google to take over the world! (For our own good, of course.) :O)

  3. Should we wait until Apple actually says something nasty or just make some up and say, “Yeah, Apple would totally do that,” or what?

    Okay, here I go. I strongly suspect Apple will patent / copyright “UMPC” and offer to kill an innocent whale for each iPhone sold. That’s just like them.