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BenQ MID will surface at CES

Benq_midWhile James is up earlier than normal in Vegas, I’m sitting at the Philadelphia International Airport reading about BenQ’s mobile Internet device. According to MobileWhack, we’ll get our first peek at this handheld gateway to the web at CES which is expected to have various connectivity options and a 4.8-inch touchscreen. I’m curious what the screen resolution will be like as the Wibrain I’m evaluating from Dynamism has the same sized screen with touch. Connections in the device will be WiFi and 3.5G; not sure if that’s HSDPA, but that’s my guess.

We’ll plan to sneak over to the BenQ Intel booth in hopes of some hands-on time, impressions and pics! Just remember that the MID-type devices won’t be running a Windows variant and that they’re truly meant as companion devices that consume less power. Not saying you can’t use a MID for most of your daily needs, just trying to set expectations after the last two years of UMPC debates. Personally, I’m getting more interested in MIDs as I move away from software and towards web services!

(via UMPC Portal)

3 Responses to “BenQ MID will surface at CES”

  1. In a world of Asus EeePC, can such things attract any attention? I doubt it.

    Sure, people will tote around a Crackberry. Even if it’s 100% personal use, it already has the cachet of Business.

    But pull a MID out?

    Nerd Alert! Run away!

    And, oh, let me add this (I just hit Back, if you blinked) — don’t you think the iPhone will eventually qualify as a MID (if it already doesn’t)? Apple has Cool cachet.

    MID still = Dork.

  2. scoobie

    If it doesn’t run Vista, I’m not buying, I want the works- small keyboard, hi res screen 5-7inches, 3G, a good processor speed for Office and a full MS OS. I’m sticking to the original UMPC vision (even though the manufacturers don’t seem to be..!)