Settled in at the CES


I am now settled in at the CES in Vegas and have everything I need:



James Kendrick

Scott, I agree but believe one other thing to worry about is too much. Twitter would be nice but since our Dave Winer- produced JK River twitter account stopped working months ago there’s no automatic way for us to get our new posts to appear in Twitter. Maybe we’ll see Winer again this year and sweet-talk him into fixing our Twitter feed scraper. :)


I see no one’s Twittering from CES, yet. At least, not the 15 or so folks I currently follow — which includes both of you from JKOTR.

Seems to me like Twitter would be the perfect way to let us know you’ve posted something we can check out.

Dave Zatz

I wonder how they decide who gets a “Press” badge versus the new “Blogger” badge. Most bloggers I saw at Unveiled tonight had a Press badge, however I have a Blogger one. Gizmodo posted that their crew has some of each. Weird.

Even weirder is the RFID chip. I was tempted to toss it today after seeing them install the readers above the Sands show floor entrance.

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