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EVDO is all lit up in Vegas

I am happy to find that the EVDO from Verizon is all lit up and nicely stepping along for me everywhere I’ve been this afternoon so far.  This isn’t the fastest speeds I’ve gotten today but it pretty representative of the afternoon so far:


It’s been so solid that I have left the WiFi turned off on the HP 2710p because I don’t need it.  That’s true mobile tech goodness.

3 Responses to “EVDO is all lit up in Vegas”

  1. That’s pretty common as I recall. It depends on your spot and how much traffic they’ve got which can be very heavy with all the geeks in town.

    It’s another reason I brought the Advantage, if EVDO chokes I’ll try tethering for HSDPA. :)

  2. Been here since Thursday and have had mixed results. I was able to stream live from CES Unveiled on, but couldn’t even connect from the upper floors of the conference center.

    We’ll see what happens once Monday rolls around and the crowds show up.