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GigaOM TV: Cleantech Investments with Draper Fisher Jurvetson

Just before the holidays we took a trip down to Sand Hill Road, where we filmed this interview on cleantech investing with Draper Fisher Jurvetson’s partners Steve Jurvetson and Raj Atluru. With 11 deals and over $40 million dollars, DFJ was one of the leaders of funding the industry in 2007. We shot the video in the lobby of DFJ; they thankfully cut my bad joke about ultimate frisbie. Thanks to Steve and Raj, who gave us a lot of insights on energy efficiency, waste-to-energy, thin-film solar, synthetic genomics, and the rest of their portfolio — they also made up for my newbie video skills! Check it out, and for coverage of everything cleantech read GigaOM’s Earth2Tech:–0023–dfj–400kbps.flv&ScrubMode=advanced&Thumb=–0023–dfj–thumb.jpg&DefaultRatio=0.56&AutoSize=off&allowFullScreen=true

5 Responses to “GigaOM TV: Cleantech Investments with Draper Fisher Jurvetson”

  1. Well summarized – anything green is the new “Super-Demographic” that seniors, baby boomers, young adults and youngsters globally will have more interest in – CleanTech will not lose steam and VC interest even in 2008.

    Watch out for more – unfortunately – man-made natural disasters coming from Asia, especially China, by the end of decade.

  2. Their answers seemed so staged, as though they’ve given the same answer 500 times to a different question every time. It felt like the wax museum…I was waiting for them to melt from the bright lights….but it’s really them.

  3. OM, KATIE – one word “Terrific”. Best digest I have seen thus far on the subject matter (for the average person) – expectional guests from DFJ. Look forward to more these episodes. Sending around the video link to family and friends.