Zapak To Launch Chinese Site; In-game Ads And Advergaming Was 25-30% Of Revenue In '07


[by Cerius Shah] Plans are afoot to “step into the Chinese online casual gaming market with a Chinese website,


mighty heart

ok…. they are coming out with 2 mmog…. the first one is everquest – fantasy game and the second one is in collabaration with a chinese company…. genre is racing or sports….


Pageview mentioned is way wrong. Its more than 100 million and not 10 million. Please update it.



With 99.9% probability, Zapak's MMOG is 99% customized and publsihed. Its origin is China based (with 75% probability; other 25% goes to Korea).
Kudos to zapak for being able to customize and publish an MMOG. It must not have been easy for zapak given that its managed by Times folks.

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