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Updated: Warner Bros. Goes Exclusive With Sony's Blu-Ray; Toshiba 'Quite Surprised'

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In the timing-is everything-department, Warner Bros. Entertainment picked the Friday before CES to announce its preference for Sony’s (NYSE: SNE) Blu-ray DVD format over Toshiba’s HD DVD — and the week after the end of the busiest shopping season for consumer electronics. WB said Friday afternoon it’s going exclusive with Blu-ray, effective June 1, 2008. In the interim, HD DVD will be treated as a sort of poor relation, with that format being released after a “short window” following standard DVD and Blu-ray releases. Not sure this was on the list of high-profile moves expected from new Time Warner (NYSE: TWX) CEO Jeff Bewkes his first week on the job, but he makes a cameo appearance in the announcement: “Warner Bros. has produced in both high-definition formats in an effort to provide consumer choice, foster mainstream adoption and drive down hardware prices. Today

3 Responses to “Updated: Warner Bros. Goes Exclusive With Sony's Blu-Ray; Toshiba 'Quite Surprised'”

  1. "That flies a bit in the face of facts given that Adams Media Research predicted Toshiba would be in the sales lead at the end of 2007"

    Since when is a prediction a fact? The fact is that in 2007, Blu-Ray movie titles outsold HD-DVD titles by 2:1 in the US and 3:1 in Europe. So it is your reporting that flies in the fact of the facts.

  2. yippee were all going to be so gratefull when sony tie us all into regional codings sony codings lack of choice overpriced players loss of compertition
    outdated firmware on older specs overpriced manafacturing of bluray discs meaning the price will never be in line with standard dvds.
    and all the fence sitters can pat themselves on the back for bowing to the big boys who want it all hooray hooray hooray