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Fox Business: The Future Hasn't Arrived, Yet

imageNot that this is a surprise to anyone who’s tried to sit through any of the Fox Business shows, but both WaPo and NYT report some viewership numbers for the fledgling business news channel. The channel is drawing an average of 6,000 daytime viewers, and rises to 15,000 during prime time…these are average numbers for the period Oct. 15 through Dec. 16. Of course still very early days, compared to the 19-year-old CNBC, which averaged 281,000 daytime viewers and 234,000 in prime time during the same period. CNBC also reaches 90 million homes, about triple the number of Fox Business.

Meanwhile, the FoxBusiness website continues to suck as well. The ad on the right, playing on its site, well, just highlights the ironies of these claims…

4 Responses to “Fox Business: The Future Hasn't Arrived, Yet”

  1. If not very many people are watching Fox Business News, then how will they hear Peter Schiff? It's like he is the only one that knows what is going on with the economy, everyone else is clueless.

    Oh… okay, go to utube and do a search for Peter Schiff.

  2. The funny thing is, I'd love to be viewer 6,001, but I have yet to find out what channel it's on in my cable line up. I went to their website when it launched expecting them to help me find them by letting me know what channel they are on with all the different providers – no such luck.

    I haven't had the time to surf up and down every channel or call my cable provider so for now I guess I just have to wait.

    Hey Fox – how about a simple tool on your website to help us find you? Seems like that should be priority number one.