Wibrain runtime test with Battery Eater Pro


I haven’t had nearly enough time to properly use the Wibrain UMPC on loan from Dynamism due to CES preparations. However, I figured that while I’m running around, the device could run through the standard battery torture test we often do with Battery Eater Pro. So while I was packing, planning and trashing e-mail after e-mail from PR firms (not all of you!), I let the Wibrain run, run, run.

My standard disclosure applies here, since not everyone might be familiar with the test. It’s meant to fully stress the device and the test result is the minimum run-time you can expect from it. That means you should get more battery life, all things being equal, unless you use the device full-bore until the battery dies. For this test, I kept the WiFi on and disabled all power management. I also disabled the Bluetooth radio, thinking that the more common scenario is to be using WiFi but not Bluetooth as the device does have a trackpad and small, split QWERTY keyboard, i.e.: you’re not likely using a Bluetooth keyboard. There is no simple setting I can find to adjust the display setting; normally, I use an application from the device manufacturer to lower the brightness to around a useable 40%. There is a Brightness setting in the video properties but I left it at the default after playing with it. I could set the brightness so high that the screen was saturated and I could lower it to make it dim, but I suspect most folks won’t even find the setting, so I left it alone.

In the end, I got a strange graphical result from Battery Eater Pro, but I have faith in the runtime number of one hour and 52 minutes.


That’s about right for a battery of this size running on this hardware and comparable to the "good" OQO Model 02, which has very similar specifications. In real world usage I’m guessing you’ll see around two and a half hours, give or take another 30 minutes pending your power management settings. Of course, once I get more time to actually use the device, I’ll be able to provide that real world perspective.


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