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What I Hope to See at CES


With the Consumer Electronics Show fast approaching, most sites are telling you about the coverage you can expect or what sort of products have already been confirmed. I thought I would tell you what I’m looking to get out of CES this year as it pertains to the topics we cover here at NewTeeVee.

So without further adieu, let’s take a look at some of the products that I’m hoping to see when I get to Vegas on Monday.

An all-in-one set-top box: Yes there are some devices that promise to give you everything you want out of a set-top box. But do they really? I certainly don’t think so.

I’m looking for one box (one!) that does it all. Instead of being forced to connect a Mac Mini to my HDTV, I want to be able to eliminate the computer and have one device that’s capable of bringing me movies, video, music, TV shows and podcasts to my television in one fell swoop. And just in case you’re ready to say there’s something out there already, think again: the Apple TV and D-Link MediaLounge won’t let you download movies directly and neither can handle TV viewing; Vudu will let you download movies, but nothing more; and a TiVo won’t come close to offering such a wide array of media.

In-car video technology: Given all the laws being passed about driving distractions, I may not get a lot of support for this, but I want to see some significant gains made on the in-car technology front.

Sure, we can watch movies now (with the help of a DVD, of course), but what about full entertainment functionality in the car? Here’s my idea: products that can be built directly into cars and offer on-demand video service that syncs with your notebook, so you can transfer all media files onto the on-board hard drive and have the option to view online videos in the vein of the Apple TV.

Best-in-class multi-touch displays: As soon as I saw the iPhone, Microsoft’s table-top computer and the influx of multi-touch displays, I knew it was something that would make a splash in 2008. And now that we’re here, where are all the big announcements surrounding this technology? If you ask me, they’ll be coming at CES.

I’m looking for the very best multi-touch displays companies can offer. Is the iPhone good? Sure. But don’t you think we can do so much more with video players? First off, we’ll need a smudge-resistant screen (Apple did a nice job) that goes beyond the 3-inchers we’re seeing today. Beyond that, I’d like to be able to fast-forward movies or TV shows by flicking my finger to the right and rewind by flicking to the left. I want to shuffle video clips around and choose scenes with a snazzy drop-down menu that’s controlled by my finger. Simply put, I want an experience watching video that we’ve never been afforded before. Is that too much to ask?

So there you have it, my three hopes for CES 2008. Think any will come true? Have some of your own? Let us know.

Don Reisinger is a technology columnist who covers everything from Google to HDTVs. He currently writes for over 15 popular technology publications, including CNET’s Digital Home, InformationWeek and Future Publishing in the UK.

5 Responses to “What I Hope to See at CES”

  1. The All in one set top box sounds like a good idea. Even better, why not use the one that we already have: a PC?

    I just do not understand the benefits of another box when almost everyone has the ubiquitous laptop sitting somewhere in their homes…

    (and the ones who do not have one are too low tech to bu a box, probably)

  2. Wishful thinking here but probably not @ CES for 2008…
    I want to “snap” my future ??? Gb video i-pod into the custom cradle built for a 1080p High Definition Professional Video Camera and record… but Apple will never let this happen.