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Tickets Available for the Crunchies Awards

The Crunchies startup awards and party are to be held Jan. 18 in San Francisco. Tonight is the first time you can buy tickets. Some 45,000 votes have already been cast for 100 contenders in 20 startup categories. In addition to announcing the winners at the event, we’ll have a special live performance by the Richter Scales, the a cappella group made famous by their Here Comes Another Bubble song and video.

Tickets cost $40, with $10 of that going to the American Heart Association in honor of Marc Orchant and Om. The Herbst Theatre has 916 seats, and more than half of them are reserved for finalists, sponsors, and press. Just 450 tickets will be released to the public so if you’d like to come you should register today.

Thanks to award benefactors Adobe, Charles River Ventures, The Mayfield Fund, Microsoft, Our Stage and Sun Microsystems, and program sponsors amiando, WeBreakStuff and MediaTemple. If you’d like to sponsor, please contact Jeannie Logozzo.

The Crunchies are a joint project of TechCrunch, Read/WriteWeb, VentureBeat, and GigaOM.

13 Responses to “Tickets Available for the Crunchies Awards”

  1. Om, OMG I couldn’t believe it when we heard about this.
    PLEASE take it easy and get well fast. I had sent you an earlier email offering to pick up food for you from Punjab Kabob (sorry I sent it to your email address– it must be overflowing with good wishes). The offer stands! I’m sure your family is there to take care of you– but let us know if you need anything. Purvi, Rob and I want to come see you– if you’re up for visitors. TAKE CARE!!!

    Best regards,
    Ilene Adler

  2. “Some 45,000 votes have already been cast.” I have a lot of respect for your lot at GO, so I have to say this. The voting system and the method of counting each choice, rather than each ballot, as a separate “vote” seems designed to run up the number of votes. Most readers will presume 45,000 people have voted. The number of people who voted is … what? How many unique voters have you identified? I will be sorely disappointed if I see this number thrown around in the MSM as if it represents the number of people who participated.