SyncYourMail: Synchronica’s Exchange service for iPhone launches

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I last looked at Synchronica’s e-mail service for the iPhone back in August. Back then, it worked as advertised and sent my hosted Exchange e-mail right to my phone. If you’re using Exchange for your mail and the server is configured for IMAP support, you won’t need a service like this, but it comes in handy if IMAP isn’t enabled.Synchronica’s free beta still continues, but it looks like that’s drawing to a close in the near future. I just received an e-mail indicating that a professional hosted version of the service is now available at SyncYourMail. Prices are in Euros: 39.95 gets you a year of the hosted service. I should point out that the Synchronica Mobile Gateway isn’t just for iPhones: you can use it with Windows Mobile, Symbian, and many other devices as well. The service offering will vary by device; some are fully supported with contacts, calendar event and more. For the iPhone, the service is still limited to mail only. Although the company could work out over-the-air contacts and calendar items, I suspect we’ll see that natively from Apple in the first half of 2008.

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Yes…I got the same email. Which was a huge relief considering I signed up for the trial of Synchronica and was never able to get it to work. And my extensive emails to customer support went completely ignored. I’m guessing they were overwhelmed, since they are currently the only such solution for iPhone users on Exchange.

The problem is…it now seems that the site is overloaded. It took upwards of 30s to load the home page, and when I clicked the “buy” button to purchase the product – it simply times out. Of course there’s always the chance that this could just be happening to me for whatever reasons, but I do’nt think so. I really hope they get it together & make this service a viable option – as I have no problem paying the yearly fee for this svc (if it works).

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