Rogue Amoeba’s Live Disc

Rogue Amoeba – makers of some stellar audio software – are gearing up for another Macworld Expo in San Francisco, and have added a new twist to the goodies they’ll be offering. In years past they (like many attending developers) have handed out CDs loaded with their many ‘wares for Expo-goers to try out. The big problem has always been that by the time software is printed to disc and delivered to the Expo, it’s likely that updates have already been made to the software. It’s not the end of the world by any means, but presents a speed bump for those ready to try out the fun new applications.

Live Disc

Enter ‘Live Disc’, Rogue Amoeba’s cool new innovation that [sort of] eliminates the possibility of delivering discs with out-of-date code. They give you the full story on their blog, but here’s the gist of it:

Live Disc presents a window much like a customized Finder window, with application icons that you can drag for copying or double-click for launching. The magic is, if a newer copy exists on our web server, it will copy or launch that version instead, seamlessly.

This a very cool idea – one I’d love to hear your take on if you pick one up at The Big Show in a couple weeks. The really neat part is that this solution was one that was conceived just to show off their real products! It’s not far-fetched that they could package this into an application of it’s own, and all as a byproduct of their main focus. Great work guys! It’s stuff like this that makes me excited to play on a Mac everyday.