Phone “hides” your location with fake background noise

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News_gsmart_i350C’mon, you can admit it. You’ve spoken to someone on your cell phone and slightly fibbed about where you were. It’s OK, we’re all friends here. [Of course, if you’ve done this to me personally, I’m promptly removing you from my Facebook friends list.]So… did you ever get caught? Would it have helped to have some background noise to support your untruth? Gigabyte seems to think so since they put a “Wise Talk” feature in the Gsmart i350 Windows Mobile handset. Take your pick from “airport”, “concert”, or “meeting room” locations for the lie of your choice. Just make sure you use the right location of course. It wouldn’t do at all for you to blow someone off while you’re “at a concert” and the background noise sounds like a jet on the tarmac. I guess you could try the ol’ “No dear, it’s the Jefferson Airplane reunion tour” line, but who would believe that?(via Windows for Devices)

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what i need is a cellphone that does a better job of MASKING background noises….

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