HP announces tx2000 Tablet PC- it’s a keeper


Tx2000HP today announced the upcoming release of a new consumer Tablet PC, the tx2000.  They were kind enough to give me an advance hands-on look at the tx2000 weeks ago and now that the embargo has been lifted I can share my impressions with you.  The tx2000 is a kick-ass notebook computer, similar to its predecessor the tx1000 yet with some important improvements.  First of all the tx2000 is a great multimedia notebook with some great design features to make it so.  The AMD dual core processor rocks and the tx2000 is a very fast notebook.  It runs Windows Media Center rock solid and is a joy to use and HP made sure that the great-sounding stereo speakers are not covered up even when the screen is rotated into slate mode.  It plays media very, very nicely and it’s great to watch videos using the Media Center.  There is a cool remote control that fits into a storage slot on the side of the tx2000 for charging and storage and it rounds out a great multimedia computer.

The major improvement the tx2000 brings to the table is a dual digitizer allowing both touch and pen interaction.  HP learned from their mistakes on the older tx1000 and the touch digitizer can be operated with a nice light touch making it a breeze to interact with the screen with the fingers.  Then they threw an active digitizer into the mix which makes the tx2000 a really sweet Tablet PC.  Inking on the screen is a joy and the tx2000 really shines as a Tablet, something that could not be said about the tx1000 and its touch digitizer.  Given all the features that this new Tablet brings to the consumer, and it is aimed squarely at the consumer which is rare for Tablet PCs, the starting price of $1200 will put the tx2000 into the reach of many who want a full-featured convertible Tablet PC.

The specs of the tx2000 according to HP:

  • Genuine Windows® Vista Home Premium, Business or Ultimate
  • AMD Turion ™ 64 X2 Dual-Core Mobile Technology Processors
  • 12.1" WXGA High-Definition HP BrightView Widescreen Touch-screen Display
  • (1280 x 800). Panel rotates 180° and folds flat. Built-in digitizer
  • for handwriting with battery-less rechargeable eraser pen (dockable).
  • NVIDIA GeForce Go 6150 graphics with up to 559MB shared video memory
  • Up to 4096MB 667MHz DDR2 system memory
  • Up to 320GB (5400 RPM) hard disk drives
  • SuperMulti 8X DVD±R/RW with Double Layer Support (LightScribe optional)
  • Up to Wirless LAN 802.11a/b/g/n & Bluetooth

One of the coolest features of the tx2000 is the special coating that HP has put all over the surfaces of the device.  The coating protects the device from scratches and other daily wear effects and look really great to boot.

Reviews and videos of the tx2000 are already appearing on the web:

Notebooks.com video
TabletPC Reviews first look

The HP tx2000 is a little heavier than some convertible Tablet PCs but it’s due to the wallop of features that HP has crammed into the svelte package.  I can recommend that those looking for a full-featured Tablet PC at a reasonable price should take a good hard look at the tx2000 when it is officially released after the CES next week.

(photo courtesy of TabletPC Review)

UPDATE: the tx2000 is indeed the new Tablet from HP that I hinted at earlier for those who are asking.  I was under embargo so I couldn’t come clean with you about that.  I do believe that HP and AMD will be giving a tx2000 away at the Tablet meetup next week in Las Vegas so I’d sure plan on being there if at all possible.  :)


Jimi Bruce-Lomba

Hello, my friend has this model and is really enjoying it. Unfortunately the idiots in our class borrow someone else’s remote (the same remote from a different computer) and turn his computer off with it for “fun” :(. How can he disable the remote so when they try to turn it off it won’t work? We tried Device Manager but no joy.




I’ve had my tx2000 scince last fall and I LOVE IT! it does so may things my other laptop did not do. for example, a fingerprint scanner is very useful, its much easier then trying to remember a password. As for the tablet part of the pc its amazing! I’m in college and I take my laptop to class and write notes on it in my hand writing and I never waste paper! Many people have said different things about windows vista, but I think its great! It works very well. The only thing I found that I didnt like is that Norton security is already installed and I hate Norton, but this was quickly resolved by uninstalling Norton and simply using firefox as my web browser instead of internet explorer, because it has its own anti virius.

over all a great buy and well worth the money!

John Elwood

DO NOT BUY, it will be done in a year and will be unfixable, even if yuo get it fixed it will happen again


When I write with my pen, the hand recognition doesn’t get disabled. So, I can’t write properly because the computer only recognizes my hand and not the pen, when I write. Also, when I flip the pen around, the eraser function doesn’t happen. Can you please help me?


I have had numerous problems with HP that all started with the purchase of a tx1000. I now have the tx2000 and the problem I have with it is that the six cell battery sticks out of the back of the unit un like the four cell which fits flush. HP for some unknown reason wants your computer to be bigger and heavier, crazy!


I bought a TX1000 and I use it for my job mainly. I wipes my boss’s brand-new Dell XPS. I use Visual Studio 2008 Team Suite and Halo 2 for Vista mainly and I have only one thing to say: IT ROCKS!!!

I cant wait to get my hands on the new TX2000 mainly for its Active Digitalizer…


So does this thing have that “multitouch” thing like the I-pod touch? so that you can zoom out with a pinch for example..


Well Nouman the battery life on the tx1000 is about 2hrs 30mins with good power management but still with wifi on.


Two questions. First, have they improved the abysmal 2 hour battery life of the tx1000? Second, have they removed that awful fingerprint magnet black plastic over?


I am thinking to buy HP Tablet PC. I was wondering how many hours is the run time on a standard battery. Both tx1000 and tx2000.


Awesome. Can’t wait to see one at the Tablet meetup next week! :D


Well it seems a good computer and a improvement over the tx1000 but I just got a tx1219au (2.2 GHz, 160gb, 2gb ram so pretty much the mid range tx2000) as it was the only tablet pc that is in the shops over here in Australia ($2500 is what it’s price is in the shop but I got it for $1800) it is very fast and I don’t find any problems with the screen but by the time the tx2000 makes it over here it’ll be 2009!!!


Battery life? Why oh why couldn’t they update the graphics chip?


I think you mean 250 GB – not MB for the hard drive.

I’ve heard the active digitizer is wacom penabled – is this true?

James Kendrick

Peter, I changed the link, thanks.

Fernando, the touch screen is a light touch screen that is very easy to use. The touch screen turns off when it senses the pen near the digitizer for error-free inking.


Well, the video review from notebooks.com is for the HP HDX not the TX2000 (sounds like something that James Cameron would use in one of his movies *smile*)

Are there any other link out there that might show the TX2000 in full effect.


Is the touchscreen in this model the finger-type touch (ala Lenovo X60’s), or is it fingernail type touch (ala Fuji 1610 and others)? Seems intriguing…


Ah, so this is the HP Tablet that was being hinted at. I was holding off on my 2710p purchase waiting to see what this mistery machine was going to be. I still may wait for the 64g SSD though.
Well I think for me the 2710p is still going to be my choice. I don’t need a DVD drive very often so having it in the base as opposed to the tablet is better for me, battery life if king so having the slice battery is better for me, and I don’t do multi-media stuff so I don’t need the power or graphics capability.
All that being said, it’s really exciting to see machines like this one come out as HP, Toshiba, and others show their belief in the space with new products for the consumer. Way to go HP!


Glad I took James’ advice and didn’t plump for the tx1000 I saw on special. Only problem I have now is should I go with Hp or Toshiba? Think I’ll wait and see what somes up at CES apart from anything else my M200 is finally working great with Vista.

James Kendrick

Regular, this question is always hard to answer as we are all different in our needs. Me personally I love the 2710p due to its light and thin form that coupled with the slice battery gives me all day battery life.

The tx2000 is a very powerful notebook that is a full Media Center yet is also a very good Tablet PC. It’s a little heavier and thicker than the 2710p but it’s also a lot cheaper.

That’s a brief comparison of the two. The 2710p is more functional for me personally but the tx2000 is more fun.

Regular Reader

Since I need to buy a new tablet I’d appreciate your thumbnail version James of who should buy this unit versus who should be the 2710P that you use on a daily basis. TIA

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