A Heart-to-Heart with GigaOM Readers


Happy New Year. As you may have noticed, my byline hasn’t been up on the site for a few days. That’s because the holidays weren’t exactly my most jolly.

I had a heart attack on Dec. 28. I was able to walk into the hospital for treatment that night and have been recovering here ever since. With the support of my family and my team, I am on the road to a full recovery. I am going to be OK.

Katie and Liz and the rest of the team will be posting updates on my progress on the site. I’ll be back and writing again as soon as possible.

Now living a healthier life isn’t just one of my New Year’s resolutions, it’s doctor’s orders. Friends and family have purged my apartment of smokes, scotch and all my favorite fatty foods — I am even going to be drinking decaf. I won’t be refashioning my avatar’s stogie with a celery stick, but I will be taking better care of my health.

I hope you do, too.

Best wishes,

An important note from Managing Editor Carolyn Pritchard: If anyone wants to send get-well messages to Om, please do so in the comments section of this post – we will make sure he sees each and every one of them. If you have story ideas or tips you want to pass on for the site, please send them via email to info at gigaom dot com. Please check the site for the most up-to-date info. on his progress. Thanks to everyone for their support and understanding.



Sounds like a great opportunity for a new “recovery blog” :-)

Seriously, though, get well soon, Om!


Best of Luck! South Asians like us suffer miserably at the hands of saturated fats in American fare. Lack of adaptation to this high cholesterol diet makes for dangerous grubbin’! Anyway, take care of yourself and here’s wishing you a speedy recovery!


Ain’t the body wonderful to give you a warning like that?
Thinking of you during your recuperation.

chris petrovic


Wishing you a speedy recovery and a healthy 2008 . . . and beyond!

Denise Graab

As one reader who thoroughly appreciates your plentiful wit, I am thankful to learn you are recovering and wish you well in your efforts to improve your health. The lifestyle changes likely won’t be easy, but I suspect you have the strength and support you need to get through this challenge triumphantly. All the best to you Om!


You’re too important to the Valley to ever be ill. Good luck on your way back to better health.

Joshua Allen

The first 50-90 days of being in your normal routine without the coffee, cigars, and booze are the hardest. After that, you’ll just enjoy having more energy and sleeping better. Glad you’re OK; take it easy!

Lou Hoffman


Your periodic gruff exterior (perhaps about to get gruffer short term from absence of caffeine?) can’t hide the fact that you’re one of the “good guys” in the industry.

All of us here at the Agency wish you a speedy recovery.

Take care,


Joel Richman

Great to hear the prognosis is good! Scary to hear you had to go through that. Feel better soon, and doing without the crud will be easier than you think.

Alexis Madrigal

Wow, Om. My thoughts are with you. I wish you a speedy and full recovery.

Greg C.

m, that’s terrible news, but thankfully you’re still with us. Take care of that ticker and stick around for a while…we’ll be waiting for that firt Android phone review that only Om can bring. Rest up and get well!

Dan Woolley

Om – I read you everyday and look forward to new GigaOm Show episodes. Get well soon. Send your cigars over and I’ll put them to good use!

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