Broadband Content Bits: 2007's Most Pirated; YouTube/CBS; Hupo


Most Pirated: A popularity list studios and networks might prefer to miss — TorrentFreak’s top 10 most illegally downloaded movies and TV shows for 2007. For theatrical film releases, Transformers came in first with over 569,000 downloads, followed by the comedy Knocked Up, which garnered a little more than 503,000 downloads. Other titles in the movie list all came in just over 300,000. the number of pirated TV shows were much higher, largely because there are often multiple torrents in the same file. In the lead with 2.4 million downloads was NBC’s Heroes, with the BBC’s Top Gear at number 2 with 1.2 million and Battlestar Galactica at number 3 with 706,000 downloads. The full lists are available here.

YouTube/CBS (NYSE: CBS) Interactive: The Grammy Awards is reprising the user-gen contest it initiated last year, bringing together CBS Interactive and YouTube and alternative band and nominee The Foo Fighters. Through January 20, users can post their own 1-minute version of The Foo Fighters’ song The Pretender on YouTube. A Grammy panel will choose 45 performers, who will then be judged by YouTube viewers. The winner gets to appear with the band during the live CBS broadcast Feb. 10 (TVWeek) The Chinese online video site backed by Brad Greenspan’s BroadWebAsia, is expanding into internet radio. The company has an exclusive partnership with the Chinese government-backed pop radio station Music Radio. Greenspan expects to secure similar agreements with other government-controlled media companies to build Hupo’s content beyond music videos and other short-form entertainment. Given the restrictions Beijing is putting on digital media (see item above), Greenspan appears to be pursuing the safest course in courting the Chinese government. Release.

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