Two New Media Studios Break 100M Views

Upstart new media studios Next New Networks and Revision3 each surpassed 100 million video plays in 2007.

On its blog, Next New Networks provided a timeline and rough breakdown of how its individual shows performed. Next New Network’s Channel Frederator had a big year, fueled in part by The Meth Minute’s breakout hit Internet People, which has pulled in 2.5 million views on YouTube alone since September. EPIC-FU (previously JETSET), Indy Mogul and Fast Lane Daily also attracted millions.

Revision3 (which produces the GigaOM Show), meanwhile, said it delivered more than 25 million shows and more than 103 million clips, according to a press release.

Keeping in mind that The Biggest Loser recently drew more than 10 million people to oldteevee on a single night, it’s not time to put a bullet in the back of your box quite yet, but these new media numbers are encouraging. Maybe the strong start from both studios can attract some writing talent currently on strike and develop shows that consists of more than just a camera, a green screen and a rundown of tech/pop culture news.