Redfly steps in where Palm feared to tread

Redfly_dockThose of you left with a gaping void with Palm’s killing off the Foleo smartphone companion pre-launch should take note at an interesting product(s) that will be announced at CES.  I have been in conversation with Celio Corporation who will be showing the Redfly product line at CES and it is like a more versatile solution than the Foleo would have been.  Redfly is at its most basic a smartphone dock that can accept a monitor, keyboard and mouse to extend the Windows Mobile smartphone for desktop usage.  The interesting things Redfly brings to the table are two- both USB and Bluetooth connectivity to the smartphone and USB disks attached to Redfly appear on the smartphone for data access.  This means that once you have a Redfly dock set up with the peripherals just walking into your office will allow the smartphone to connect up for desktop usage.  You can also connect the WM phone to the Redfly via USB which should provide charging of the phone.  The dock uses the smartphone’s data and Redfly has sophisticated video compression technology to make a seamless projection of the smartphone’s screen to the dock.  I will be visiting Celio at CES to get a good look at this technology as it seems very interesting.

Today Ubergizmo is showing that Celio will be offering a laptop form a la the Foleo in addition to the dock option.  This is a self-contained solution for use as a smartphone companion to provide a mobile extension of the Windows Mobile phone.  This is pretty interesting but if the $499 price that Ubergizmo mentions is accurate Celio is going to have a hard time selling these babies.  After all you could get an EEE PC for that price.


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