Pointui proves that Windows Mobile can be sexy


Home_01We’ve seen iPhone-like interfaces on Windows Mobile devices before but Pointui looks like the closest faxsimile to date. The interface truly impressed me in this YouTube video and you can see the obvious, but well programmed, touch integration. The UI appears very responsive, although that could be dependent on the hardware used. It looks like an MDA device to me in the video, but your guesses are certainly welcome.I like how the directional pad is incorporated because that’s something the iPhone doesn’t have. I’m not suggesting that it needs one since the device is very effective without it, but I believe that many folks familiar with Windows Mobile will appreciate this. Also worth noting is the Applet Ribbon, which provides quick access to the functions you most use. The interface is definitely geared towards touchscreen devices, so I’m not able to test it with my Dash, but if you’re interested it trying it, Pointui Home is free for the downloading. You’ll need Windows Mobile 5 or 6 as the development team is still working towards support for the Windows Mobile 2003 platform.With interfaces like Pointui and Neo, I have to wonder what took so long for folks to see the potential of Windows Mobile as an effective touch environment? For so many years, we’ve been looking at bland Today screens or jazzing them up slightly with third-party plugins, but clearly, the basics are there to enhance the experience!(via TechCrunch)



I think it’s okay, but I don’t need my phone to be fancy or “sexy” as some have said on other sites. It works just fine the other way…didn’t know that Pointui would hijack my phone, though. Uninstalling this program is pretty much impossible. It takes about 3-4 different steps, and then, there’s a chance it won’t work, and you ahve to go in and fix the registry.

Paul J Manoogian

OK, here’s Part Deux of my opinion of the product.

Since last evening, I’ve spent a bit more time using it. It doesn’t seem to lock my device any more than the device did on its own with WinMo. So, that’s good! My one problem is the sluggish way my touch screen responds to my movements on it. That might be because it’s dirty or I’m being a bit too gentle with it. Maybe the touch sensitivity of the app can be adjusted? That’d be a cool addition. That aside…

The interface is even better than I thought. In fact, I am extremely impressed. … and Kevin knows me: I’m hard to impress.

The ability to navigate the most common features of the phone is just amazing. With the exception of the ability to browse multimedia items and my contact list (a la iPhone), this interface is fairly complete. Although, I can’t quite figure out how to really use the “lock” feature… I mean, I can turn it on, but it doesn’t really seem to lock, or make me “unlock” it. Otherwise, the touch interface to settings for signal control (turning on and off the ant), volume, power, and direct access to email and SMS, as well as iPhone like scrolling for the call history are all great!

Other than the aforementioned items, I think if they would work on replacing the MS “phone” application, they’d have created the perfect replacement for the Windows Mobile platform. That, or they should sell it to Microsoft… of course, I’m happy that it’s currently free! :)

Paul J Manoogian

I checked it out. It is, as Gatewood said, filled with lots of possibilities. It can switch between the interface and the standard Today screen, but the problem lies with when I put the phone in “standby” mode; it locks my XV6700. It won’t come back at all. However, it runs very well – though a little sluggish with finger-scrolling – while in just “Home” mode. Contacts would be a great addition (and I know their working on it) to this product.

I think this proves that the Windows Mobile platform can be anything you want it to be: even an iPhone-alike.

The best thing for me would be the Platform that syncs with Outlook AND my iTunes library… but also has at least 80GB of Solid state disk. I’m looking for a great interface and functionality: a good keyboard interface, and all of my movies, pictures, and music with me, as well as a super quick reliable phone.

Hmmm… that’s an iPhone with more storage, right? :)


I just installed Pointui on my TyTN, and I must say…I have never had this phone work so well…This honestly is one of the best applications I have used on a smartphone. Beats any other app out there hands down. If I were Apple I would start to sweat a little bit, esp if word continues to get out about this new UI that is just as fluid as the one for the iPhone. Best part is, the cost of a WinMo phone with touch screen, on a 2yr contract is a heck of alot less than an iPhone. Also with a WinMo phone there is more freedom to do what you want, and you’re not locked into Apple only apps, or webapps that you can’t access without a service.

Pointui has out done themselves with this new UI. Now if only the touch scroll worked with IE, I would be all set!


This could be good. However, I don’t use Outlook email, and it takes you there automatically. No way to delete it, either. There’s no way to access settings in the normal manner. Can’t get back to the regular start menu, and can’t get back to the regular today screen. So, unless you use it for everything, it’s pretty, but not very helpful. Lots of possibilities, though. By the way, I’m using a HTC Touch, and find that the home screen there, plus Spb pocket plus does everything I need.

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