Pointui proves that Windows Mobile can be sexy

Home_01We’ve seen iPhone-like interfaces on Windows Mobile devices before but Pointui looks like the closest faxsimile to date. The interface truly impressed me in this YouTube video and you can see the obvious, but well programmed, touch integration. The UI appears very responsive, although that could be dependent on the hardware used. It looks like an MDA device to me in the video, but your guesses are certainly welcome.I like how the directional pad is incorporated because that’s something the iPhone doesn’t have. I’m not suggesting that it needs one since the device is very effective without it, but I believe that many folks familiar with Windows Mobile will appreciate this. Also worth noting is the Applet Ribbon, which provides quick access to the functions you most use. The interface is definitely geared towards touchscreen devices, so I’m not able to test it with my Dash, but if you’re interested it trying it, Pointui Home is free for the downloading. You’ll need Windows Mobile 5 or 6 as the development team is still working towards support for the Windows Mobile 2003 platform.With interfaces like Pointui and Neo, I have to wonder what took so long for folks to see the potential of Windows Mobile as an effective touch environment? For so many years, we’ve been looking at bland Today screens or jazzing them up slightly with third-party plugins, but clearly, the basics are there to enhance the experience!(via TechCrunch)


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